Reading lists (Nov. 11, 2014)

I thought I would add a few links to articles I am currently reading, about some of the stories that inspire me and keep me informed/interested.

1. An article on Market Basket, the New England grocery chain that recently saw its family-owners duke it out over the future of the company. It’s workers took to picketing (non-unionized) and with additional community pressure managed to reinstate their beloved CEO. Here, a number of scholars discuss lessons they learned from the case:

2. Obamacare architect admits need to conceal details of the reform from the public in order to pass it:

3. A yet-to-read short paper on coops and other worker-owned organizations, and how they might provide a successful Lincolnian plank for the GOP:

The last one has given me an idea to compare credit unions in the States with commercial banks (location/clustering, profitability, how they affect cost of and access to credit, stability during times of macro-distress, etc). I’ll get around to that one day.

I am also in the middle of reading Master of the Senate by Robert Caro and The New Industrial State by Galbraith. Paper not electronic form, which is a nice vacation.


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